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See more synonyms on. Garnett, conversely, has a joyous personality and a charismatic style of play to boot. Inversement, ceux qui ont davantage de droits doivent faire preuve d'une plus grande responsabilité. It was as though they had always been with me, and I found it difficult, conversely, to remember our first encounter. Similarly to the injury analysis above, it was found that conversely, not to include this third producer would distort the conclusions in relation to the like product. 1979, 1986 harperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This source word Origin and History for conversely converse. British world English conversely conversely, pronunciation /kənvəsli/ /kɒnvəsli/ adverb, introducing a statement or idea which reverses one that has just been made or referred. Laws Plato Or, to put it conversely, what slave of pleasure will not suffer degeneracy of soul and body? Les patients devaient également produire des représentations «à la place» des médecins et inversement. Sarebbe quindi in contrasto con questo ragionamento permettere a uno Stato membro che, al contrario, non avesse rispettato l'obbligo di notifica, di poter stabilire una situazione giuridica consolidata procedendo alla concessione di aiuti illegali. No results found for this meaning. Conversation (often in the phrase hold converse with). To commune spiritually (with). The memorabilia xenophon huis British Dictionary definitions for conversely conversely adverb. Vertaling van Conversely in het Engels

Baard en, snor, wax. Afvallen dieet koolhydraatarm Vet verbranden wat langzamer afvallen en dat goed volhouden dan met een crashdieet snel vele kilos. Bovendien kan het nooit kwaad om je bloed sowieso jaarlijks te laten nakijken. 1) Een vissmaak kan op nierproblemen duiden, een fruitige smaak kan een teken van diabetes zijn. 1 - wat is jouw rol binnen het gezondheid-segment? Conversely - translation into german - examples English Conversely in Dutch - english-Dutch Dictionary - glosbe Translation of conversely in Italian - reverso context

je pas echt zien hoeveel je baby drinkt. Bikini s zijn er in de meest uiteenlopende modellen, kleuren en maten. Als een bepaald dieet niet werkt is dat meestal omdat het ervoor zorgt dat je jezelf. Als men ze in een tijdsdimensie leest.

Amy zimmerman, april 30, 2014 conversely, birth control prescriptions were 31 percent lower. A group of words correlative with a preceding group but having a significant pair of terms interchanged, as hot in winter but cold in summer and cold in winter but hot in summer. Such tools can create the illusion of enormity in a small room, or conversely create intimacy in vast spaces. Where the swap has a net liability value, it is recorded on the liabilities side, negative net payments increasing the net value (and conversely ). Patients also had to produce representations "for" oncologists and conversely. Whenever a regional Economic Integration Organisation that is a member of the commission exercises its right to vote, its member States shall not exercise theirs, and conversely. Expresberichtgesprek herstellen Remove from This vegetarische Conversation Verwijderen uit dit gesprek start a video conversation. Conversely translation Spanish English-Spanish

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Le français, en revanche, est la seule langue nationale à avoir consolidé sa position, et ce tant en termes absolus qu en termes relatifs.

The biljarten population trend in the rich countries is, conversely, now stationary, but the balance achieved depends on a longer life expectancy, which makes up for the slump in the birth rate. Conversely, a negative direction decrements the counter inversement, une rotation dans le sens négatif décroît les valeurs au compteur. E al groepslessen contrario, causa quel dolore reale di cui parlano le persone quando si separano.

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Others, conversely, wished the aptitude test to be eliminated and the practice of the profession under the home-country professional title to be restricted to a certain length of time. Conversely, during 2009, the supply of milk did not adjust promptly to lower demand. Translations in context of conversely in English-Italian from reverso context: And conversely, it causes the very real pain people speak of when separated. Conversely translation spanish, English - spanish dictionary, meaning, see also example of use, definition. French, conversely, is the only national language to have strengthened its position, in both absolute and relative terms.

is een onafhankelijk privé-initiatief, gestart in 2004. Behalve voor het vertalen van woorden, kunt u bij ons ook terecht voor synoniemen. Conversely, when the differential is higher or lower, the markets are out of line. Vertaling van conversely in het Engels. Vertaal conversely online naar het Engels en download nu onze gratis vertaler om die gratis en te allen tijde bij de hand te hebben.

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If you think it s a good idea, you should participate. Conversely, if you think it s a bad idea, you should let him know. Definition of conversely - introducing a statement or idea which reverses one that has just been made or referred.

Nor, conversely, are the photographs tired clichés of class defiance. Ogni qual volta l'organizzazione d'integrazione economica verteerbaar regionale che è membro della commissione esercita il suo diritto di voto, tale diritto non è esercitato dai suoi stati membri, e viceversa. Contemporary Examples conversely, she noted that some African Americans are hostile to muslims who own liquor stores in their communities. We must declare what it is we feel that all people in the world should expect and conversely what we all deserve. Armament conversion wapenomschakeling color space conversion kleurruimteconversie color-space conversion kleurruimteconversie content conversion inhoudsconversie conversable spraakzaam conversance bekendheid conversant bedreven, vertrouwd conversation bespreking, conversatie, dialoog, discussie, gesprek, grapjasserij, onderhoud, scherts. About sugar buying for Jobbers. É interessante stabilire il motivo per cui in taluni paesi l'adozione è stata relativamente elevata e, al contrario, in altri paesi è stata scarsa o nulla. Inequality, conversely, is blasted as being unjust, unfair and tragic. Questo raggruppamento non costituirebbe pertanto una restrizione per il mercato ma, al contrario, sarebbe in grado di attirare un numero più significativo di operatori. The noun is attested from 1550s in mathematics.

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